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thatballerina asked:

Who do you like better, Ash or Puck? I, personally, love Puck with all my heart and mind and body and soul. I would do anything to make him real.

I love Puck, but I would have to say in a different way than I do Ash. I am a sucker for the tall, dark, and mysterious. ;) You can have Puck and I will take Ash, and we can double. Deal? lol now we just have to make them real

mar-5 asked:

Did you read The Iron Knight?

YES! Have you?! What did you think? I don’t even know what to think, I feel like the series shouldn’t be over! But I loved reading Ash’s point of view on everything because he doesn’t talk a whole bunch about his feelings (obviously) in other books and in this one we got to know his feelings without a change in his character. Lol I’m trying to to say too much for those who have’t read it yet. I am thinking about putting little things up from The Iron Knight sometime next week so I won’t spoil it for people. :) Submissions are always welcome! 

So I totally don’t like the font I just used for that submission, but it was the closest to the original, which I don’t have anymore because it was on the laptop I used to use which is now my sisters up in Seattle. So I’m wondering if I should just remake them all? Or just pick a new,better font for the future?

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